Male Models


If you are interested in becoming a male model, or are currently working in the industry and wishing to take on male modelling jobs, WE would like to hear from you. A good male model must have a good physique, as versatility is key in the male modelling industry. Many male models are strong in a range of areas; campaign shoots, face modelling, catwalk and video or film to name but a few. If you have particular strengths in a certain area that you wish to showcase, we will help you in representing you to get your modelling career off to a great start.


Providing the highest standards of quality male models, we are always on the lookout for new talent and the next new look. Clients can be assured that our male models are versatile, with unique signature looks to give your campaign an added edge. We aim to maintain a range of male models to deliver a complete range of looks to our clients, from lean indie types, to the toned muscular physiques of fitness modelling and everything in between!


Male modelling jobs are wide ranging in terms of genre. One day a male model could be walking a runway show wearing a full suit, the next day he could be stripped to boxers or swimwear for a designer photo shoot. It’s varied work, with a great rate of pay, particularly as you build a portfolio and gain a good reputation in the industry.

Often, male models are required as complementary models for a fashion shoot and many runway shows are put on to showcase a mixed collection, so you’ll find life as a male model does incorporate a female element too when you’re working in a large mixed group of models. The lifestyle can be very social so it’s important to remain focused.

Contact us to discuss your current situation and gain constructive feedback on your portfolio. We welcome applications to join our team and we hope to help your modelling career soar.

Think you have what it takes? Apply now and find out.