How long will my photo shoot last?

Please allow 2 / 3 hours. Waiting is a massive part of the model industry, so this is taken
into your assessment score.

Do I need to bring my own/my child’s, own outfits for the shoot?

  • Adults – 3 outfits ranging from casual to smart – Lingerie/swimwear (optional) for 18
    years and over.
  • Children – 3 different outfits and any favourite toys/props.

Please note, we are not looking at your clothes we are looking at you, but do pay attention to clothing so you look your best.

Do I do my own make-up and hair?

Yes, you are responsible for your hair and make-up, however, we do have a makeover station. More often than not a fully trained make-up artist is available to do any touch-ups.

How much will it cost?

The shoot is completely free.

What to expect on arrival?

You will be met on arrival by our team and asked to fill in a form, this is all done electronically. You will be contacted one day prior to your photo shoot as a reminder of your booking date and time. Please try and confirm your attendance via email and/or SMS. Failure to attend or not informing us 24 hours prior to the shoot could result
in you being placed on the national model unreliable register.

Current portfolio

In order to be fully assessed, please bring along any previously done photography/portfolios. This will help us to evaluate if these images are suitable to be used as a professional Model. If you do not have a portfolio, then ignore this section.

The shoot does not cover portfolios/photography/copyrights costs. We suggest all potential models have a test shoot/assessment before they even consider investing in a portfolio.

After the shoot and during the shoot

Please do not take pictures of your child or friend during the photo shoot on your mobile phone. This is prohibited and will lead to an instant decline in the application. However, our studio staff are happy to do this for you using your phone, simply ask for this service prior to the shoot.

The assessment is provided free of charge to see if you have what it takes to become a model. Your assessment report will be available to you at the end of the shoot. You will be given a decision on the day whether your modelling assessment was successful and whether we as experts believe you should proceed in the industry.
After the shoot, you will also be asked to fill in another form prior to your meeting with the advisor.

ID required?

  • We require you to bring one proof of ID.
  • Models aged 18 and over may require proof of age.
  • Any models under 18 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Ideally, both the parents or guardians would be present as this could be a major step in a child’s life.
  • One parent / legal guardian must bring an ID.

Assessment and Model Report

Our advisor will spend anything from 15 minutes to 45 minutes with you.
By now you will have filled in forms, and we will have given you more information, but the advisor will quickly go through it all again, so you fully understand what the procedure is. There will be a model report available for you and you can request this from your model advisor during the assessment. We also record the assessment for
your security and our security which will be kept on your file for 30 days after the shoot.

If it is an instant decline, you may be told discreetly before even meeting the advisor.

Is payment required on the day of the shoot?

If you want to purchase the images, then yes you have the option to do so on the day. Images start from as little as £25, which is the industry standard.

Are there any restrictions on the images you provide?

We own the copyright to the images unless the copyright is purchased by you.

What happens after the shoot and assessment have been completed?

If successful we will introduce you to various model agencies that will offer you representation. We will continue to guide and advise you, leaving the studio does not mean the end of our relationship, it is the start of our relationship.

If you have decided to use any of our additional services or products, then they will obviously be available. We truly believe that it all starts with us for a new face model. Our values inspire us every day; we play to make our models win, and we’re obsessed with giving models, actors, and tv extras of all ages a chance in the industry.

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